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True Love


Wedding Officiant
Lynn Bogoje

Classic Full Wedding Ceremony

The Classic Ceremony has everything you need..

We will start with our first conversation, over the phone, going over details such as your names, date of wedding, location, time, bridal party count, who is walking you down the aisle, religious or non-religious, and more..

You will get to know me and I will get to know you.

Vow Renewals

It is becoming more common these days for couples to renew their vows. Whether they are celebrating a milestone in their life (anniversary) or want to renew the love they share with all their family and friends that were not present during their original wedding day.


Elopements are short and sweet. this option is great for the couple that wants to keep it simple and their wedding cost effective.

Wedding Rehearsal

Some couples want to have a wedding rehearsal, to get everything choreographed and help calm the nerves.

I can accommodate wedding rehearsals.

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