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True Love


Wedding Officiant
Lynn Bogoje

Classic Full Wedding Ceremony

The Classic Ceremony has everything you need..

We will start with our first conversation, over the phone, going over details such as your names, date of wedding, location, time, bridal party count, who is walking you down the aisle, religious or non-religious, and more..

You will get to know me and I will get to know you.

We will then set up a video chat so that we can get more personal as I will have some personal questions for you. I want to know more intimate details about the two of you and how you met.

We will discuss what type of ceremony you want in detail going over some options. I will then put together a ceremony catered to the two of you, as it is about You..

We will tailor your ceremony until its perfect and I will help you with all the small ceremony details, (what should and should not be said in vows, special additions to the ceremony, for example, sand ceremony, memorial candle lighting, wine/memory box ceremony)

I will create a ceremony that reflects your choices, whether it is a long ceremony or a short ceremony, religious or non-religious, traditional or a little more modern. Your ceremony will be about the two of you and you only.

You will receive a final copy of the ceremony to go over so you know what will be said.

A final meeting will take place where we will talk through the rehearsal so everyone is on the same page. The can be done in person, over the phone or video chat.

And finally the wedding day..

To ensure a stress free ceremony, I will collaborate with the other ceremony professionals there. Your ceremony will be one to remember.

Following the ceremony, I file your Marriage Registry and mail your completed marriage license to the Office of the Registrar General.

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